At the end of June, MEPs rejected the objection to the European Commission’s implementing act providing for a list of antimicrobials or groups of antimicrobials reserved for the treatment of certain infections in humans supporting thus the European Commission’s proposal. This represents an important milestone for our profession.

Furthermore, discussions on mirror clauses continues and set an encouraging tone for the future as most of the Member States recently recognised the need to transition to sustainable food systems, and prioritised animal welfare as a standard that could be applied to imports.

In parallel, the European Commission announced to be working on a draft legislation to allow Member States to use animal vaccination for major epidemics (including avian influenza), while calling for continued information sharing by national health authorities to increase knowledge in this area. The aim is to act as quickly as possible to reduce the spread of epidemics.

Finally, new steps for animal welfare have been taken in the context of the debate on corporate sustainable governance and the EU-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement

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