Last month, the European Commission continued its initiative on active antimicrobial substances in medicated feed. For this purpose, a call for consultation was launched to gather the views of European stakeholders concerned by this subject.  In this context, the availability of suitable antimicrobial medicines – particularly for veterinary use – is a priority for our profession.

On the animal health front, the impact of detected cases of avian influenza, African swine fever and, more recently, epizootic hermorrhagic disease still requires coordinated and targeted action. In response, the European Commission is taking measures to prevent, monitor and manage new outbreaks.

Despite this strong public opinion in favor of animal welfare (as reflected in the results of a recent Eurobarometer survey), it would appear that the expected revision of EU animal welfare legislation announced by the European Commission will not take place during this legislature, except for a potential revision exclusively linked to the protection of animals during transport. Considered an essential issue for our veterinary profession, we will keep following closely the place of this topic on the European agenda in the run-up to the next European elections.

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