This month, the fight against antimicrobial resistance and the harmonization of the use of veterinary vaccination is once again at the heart of European issues. In particular, measures have been taken concerning the ban on growth promoting antibiotics in imports, and the legal framework for the implementation of vaccinations under the legislation on transmissible animal diseases.

The priorities for the European Commission include:

  • prepared a proposal for a Council recommendation on antimicrobial resistance that will address national action plans that may allow for further guidance of practices;
  • published a proposal for a monitoring plan for the early detection of zoonotic pathogens;
  • continued to ensure the update of special control measures against African swine fever in Europe;
  • and monitored indicators, including that of veterinary drug residues.

On this last point, the recent indications have concluded that there has been a further general decrease in residues of veterinary drugs in products of animal origin, which can be considered encouraging.

With regard to animal welfare, two new secondary legislations have also been adopted concerning the transport of animals at sea and recommendations were made to promote cage-free poultry farming.

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