In mid-July, the European Commission finally adopted the list of antimicrobials or groups of antimicrobials reserved for the treatment of certain infections in humans.

In practice, this list, which will come into force in February 2023, represents an important step for our profession, as the products on this list will consequently be banned for use in animals and withdrawn from European marketing authorisations.

In parallel, in order to act as quickly as possible to reduce the spread of epidemics (such as avian influenza and African swine fever), the European Commission has extended its “Stop African Swine Fever” outreach campaign and continues to work on draft legislation to allow Member States to use animal vaccination in the case of major epidemics.

Finally, Member States have recently mobilised to obtain new measures in favour of animal welfare during transport, which remains a key issue at European level. Regarding scientific testing on animals, several publications and statistical reports have recently been published, aiming to identify weaknesses in this area, and thus better ensure the protection of animal welfare

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