As the restrictions in majority of countries are slowly being lifted, we look back at our work from pre-pandemic times, hoping that we will return to our regular professional activities soon.

If teleworking is still the rule for most of the staff of the European institutions, some very important step towards the adoption of a European response to the crises have been taken by the European decision makers in the past few weeks. Indeed, the European Commission presented its new proposal for the Multi annual Financial Framework 2021-2027, the long-term budget of the European Union, which includes a 750 billion euros recovery plan to respond to the consequences of the crisis. The European head of states and the European Parliament still have to adopt this proposal.

Moreover, the European Commission also presented on 20 May 2020 its Farm to Fork strategy which will impact our daily work as it foresees a 50% reduction in the sales of antimicrobials used in animal breeding and aquaculture by 2030. We will closely monitor the implementation of this measure in the upcoming months while the daily work of the European institutions slowly begins to come back to normal.

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