Since the summer break, the pace has accelerated at European level.

From an animal health perspective, the last few months have been particularly affected by the increase in detected cases of Avian Influenza and African Swine Fever pandemic. For this purpose, the European Commission is trying to take measures for prevention, surveillance and management of new outbreaks.

In addition, in order to draw conclusions from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the European Commission and more specifically the Directorate General for Health is being restructured. One of the outcome of this reorganization is the setting up of a dedicated directorate for the “One health” approach.

In parallel, work on improving animal welfare continues at European level, with several studies and recommendations ongoing concerning animal transport conditions, but also pig farming and calf protection. This material will be used to support the next legislation on animal welfare which is expected by the end of 2023, and may have an impact on our profession.

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