Working Documents

One of the most important tasks for FVE and UEVP is building up, improving and maintaining links and relationships with the key policy makers in the EU institutions in order to establish and maintain a creditibility as a serious player and to influence the decision making process in the EU.

Non-commercial pet movements

Regulation (EC) No 998/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council on animal health requirements applicable to the...

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Scoping paper – Bio-security in farms

In the case of an outbreak of animal disease, there is a risk of propagation beyond national borders, and many recent cases...

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Scoping paper – Animals identification and registration

According to Directive 90/425/CEE, live animals subject to trade within the European community must be identified in...

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Scoping paper – Farm animal visitation system

So far, the European Community pursues 4 objectives in the field on the Animal Health policy to: ‐ Ensure a high level of...

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Traceability on pet identification

Position paper on improvement of traceability on pet identification in view of reducing sanitary risks associated with pets...

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