Thu, 26 Aug 2021

Extremely serious threat to veterinary practice therapeutics and animal welfare

Loss of 3rd & 4th generation antibiotics to treat individual animals – dogs, cats, horses, zoo and farm animals On...

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Tue, 17 Aug 2021

EU Newsletter – July 2021

During this summer break, I would like to encourage the European institutions, and particularly the European Parliament to...

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Thu, 29 Jul 2021

EU Newsletter – June 2021

This month, I would like to highlight the on-going discussions on the draft Commission delegated regulation on “Criteria...

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Wed, 16 Jun 2021

EU Newsletter – May 2021

This monthly briefing note will be a little bit different than the regular ones as the first article of the document will be...

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Wed, 12 May 2021

EU Newsletter – April 2021

Some weeks ago, a new legislation on animal health entered into force, which should give better tools to veterinarians for...

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Thu, 08 Apr 2021

EU Newsletter – March 2021

While the European institutions continue negotiating the reform of the common agricultural policy, the European Parliament...

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