Working Documents

One of the most important tasks for FVE and UEVP is building up, improving and maintaining links and relationships with the key policy makers in the EU institutions in order to establish and maintain a creditibility as a serious player and to influence the decision making process in the EU.

EU Newsletter – September 2019

In October, the audition process of the newly appointed European Commissioners will begin within the European Parliament...

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VETFUTURES Action Plan 2016-2020

Vet Futures – Taking charge of our future was produced following a period of research and engagement and included 34...

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Insects as feed and human food and the public health risk – a review

The human consumption of insects (entomophagy) as an alternative and nutritious animal protein is increasing among consumers...

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Selective dry cow treatment in dairy cows

Dry cow treatment is the intra-mammary administration of a long-acting antibiotic preparation at the end of lactation This...

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