Acknowledged Veterinarians

Several European countries have already some sort of higher level of post-graduate qualification. These are called a variety of names such as an acknowledgement or certification or accreditation. The term suggested by UEVP should be “European acknowledged veterinarian”.

An acknowledged veterinarian as seen by UEVP is a veterinary practitioner working mainly with the species concerned and having obtained additional experience and qualifications. This system of “acknowledged veterinarians” is totally different from the EBVS specialisation which is mainly discipline-orientated and is at a higher level of qualification and expertise.

Obtaining this qualification aims to have a positive influence on the veterinary profession as well as to fulfil consumers (with regard to the need for clear information) and stakeholders requirements (e.g. insurance companies, Eurepgap1 , retailers, …).

Another aim is to harmonize “acknowledged veterinarians” over Europe in order to reach a common standard and mutual recognition.