End suffering of animals during long distance transport

The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE)i is concerned about serious animal welfare issues related to the long-distance transport and export of livestock. With reference to its long-standing position on the welfare of animals during transportii , FVE emphasizes the urgent need to really implement and to respect agreed standards for the welfare of animals during transport.

Over the years progress is made, however serious problems keep coming back. A clear example of not-respecting animal welfare requirements occurs with the export of livestock. For a number of reasons waiting periods for trucks arriving at the BulgarianTurkish border can become very long. Animals, which in certain cases have travelled for thousands of kilometers already, have to stay in the trucks without proper space to rest, and with very limited facilities to give them feed, water and care. High temperatures during day and night further aggravate the situation, leading to animal suffering, exhaustion and sometimes even death of animals.