Liberal Profession

The Union of European Veterinary practitioners (UEVP) strongly supports the initiative of Angelika Niebler, Stefano Zappala, Patrizia Toia, Françoise Grossetête and Christina Guttierez-Cortines, for the recognition of the significance of the liberal professions for Europe. The UEVP is indeed highly concerned about the different infringement procedures launched by the European Commission against the regulations regarding some liberal professions in different Member States (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Portugal). The UEVP would like to recall that these regulations, especially in the health sector professions, are justified on grounds of public health and safety. These regulations indeed guarantee professionals’ independence towards external financial interests, and therefore the quality of care or service provision. Moreover, they enable a harmonious geographic repartition of professionals, which is especially true for veterinarians who are currently fighting to maintain a veterinary web throughout the EU territory. Finally these regulations ensure that the liberal professionals have a high level of education and training.

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