Non-commercial movement of pet animals

FVE appreciates the initiative of the European Commission to propose a new proposal for a draft Regulation on non-commercial movement of companion animals. Especially we also welcome that the European Commission is further developing legislation with regard to companion animals, animals which are cherished and valued by many European citizens.

Nevertheless FVE was very much disappointed about the total absence of stakeholder consultation before the release of this proposal. FVE is convinced early stakeholder consultation would have been highly beneficial and true to the principle cherished by the European Commission of having an open, two-way, transparent consultation process. Furthermore, it would have resulted in a more technically viable and practically workable proposal. As such, FVE strongly disagrees with the process under which this proposal was developed with no consultation at all with the parties on whom these proposals will have a significant impact; namely the pet owners and veterinarians.

FVE welcomes the fact that the proposal tries to make it easier for companion animals to travel within Europe accompanied by their owner. FVE believes it is of utmost importance to make the rules insofar as possible readable, understandable and practical; both from the point of view of the citizen travelling with their animal and for the veterinarians who support their clients moving and who are required to ensure the correct application of the rules. Veterinarians very much promote responsible ownership of companion animals in which identification and taking preventive health measures are important components.

FVE welcomes that the proposal aims to improve controls (art 35) and that member states will be asked to adopt sanction measures (Art 44).