Working Documents

One of the most important tasks for FVE and UEVP is building up, improving and maintaining links and relationships with the key policy makers in the EU institutions in order to establish and maintain a creditibility as a serious player and to influence the decision making process in the EU.

Hot branding of horses

FVE reckons that hot branding is still widely used in some European countries as a method of identification of horses FVE...

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Surgery for cosmetic

Background Article 101 of Chapter II from the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals adopted in 1987...

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Genetic modifications in Animals

FVE supports the use of modern genetic modification techniques (including recombinant DNA, gene deletions, gene...

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Slaughter without prior stunning

According to the FVE Code of Good Veterinary Practice, veterinarians shall endeavour to ensure the welfare and health of the...

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