Scoping paper – Bio-security in farms

In the case of an outbreak of animal disease, there is a risk of propagation beyond national borders, and many recent cases confirmed it. There is therefore a need for a European answer to this European phenomenon. Prevention is of major importance, in order to avoid these crisis and their costs of sanitary, economic and image impact. This is the main goal set up by the New Animal Health strategy, and the UEVP welcomes it and believes that veterinarians have a major role to play in this regard. Pillar three of the New Animal Health Strategy actually acknowledges the importance of “veterinary controls”, in order to support on-farm biosecurity measures. However, the UEVP wishes to highlight some barriers that need to be removed, that go against this prevention objective, and to focus in the same time on the efficient output that could be implied by a more intense collaboration between veterinarians and farmers, who are the closest people to the animals.