Traceability on pet identification

Position paper on improvement of traceability on pet identification in view of reducing sanitary risks associated with pets straying and illegal movements of animals.

According to Directive 90/425CEE, Chapter 1 Article 3-c, live animals subject to trade within the european community must be identified in accordance with the requirements of the Community rules and, on the other hand, be registered in such a way that their origin can be traced. National identification and registration systems had to be notified to the commission within three months. This regulation does not apply to pets, but it is a useful reference because it has established a very effective system for traceability. Regulation 998/2003CE has established a european uniform system for identification of pets, primarily dogs, cats and ferrets. Identification is mandatory to allow free circulation of pets within the European community. After May 23, 2011, identification by microchips will be the only system accepted all over Europe.